Can I view or edit what my customers are designing?

The designs section is where you can see what your customers are creating or have already ordered. These are the primary uses of this section.

Reviewing Designs
If you want to take a closer look at a customers design before you submit the order this is a great place to view and edit their design. You can also view the artwork here that will be used for printing the product.

Editing Designs
Sometimes customers want to make edits after they place an order. As long as you haven't submitted the item for fulfillment you can modify the artwork. To retain version control, your customers can't edit their designs after they place the order. Only you, the storeowner can.

Helping Customers Place Orders
Sometimes customers need help with their design before they buy. To assist your customers have them add the product to their cart and have them provide the design ID. You can lookup the design ID from within the design section and make and changes that you need to make to the design.

Changing Product Type
Sometimes your customers may order the wrong phone case size or want to edit the product type. If there is a price difference we recommend attempting to cancel the order and having the customer resubmit their order. If the pricing is the same and you haven't submitted the order yet you can update the product from this page. Just click edit button and begin changing the product. Just be sure to review the design after the product has changed as each products dimensions are unique some items may shift or change scale. For this, we always recommend sending a proof to your customer before you submit the order.

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