An order was undelivered and is being returned, can you reship it?

When a package is returned to us we will reach out to you informing you of the return. If a package is returned to us for any of the reasons below, you would be responsible for the shipping costs:

  • Incorrect or Incomplete Shipping Address provided when placing the order.
  • Unclaimed package (the shipping address is correct but recipient declined package or it failed to deliver)
  • Your customer wants to change the address and send to another address that is different from the one provided at the time the order was made with Customized.

Shipping costs will be determined on reshipment and would be debited from your available credit balance.

Keep in mind that if an order is submitted with an incorrect or an incomplete address, and it gets lost in transit, and doesn't get returned to us, we cannot issue a replacement on the order.

We strongly recommend using one of the many Shopify apps available to help verify addresses when your customers are ordering. We have found many customers reduce the rate of undeliverability substantially using these apps.

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