3. Create Design Templates

What are Design templates?

Templates allow you to create designs that your customers can easily work off of. They can be used to simplify the customization process and inspire your customers design.

An example would be the design below:


Unless your customers name was Megan, they would need to update this design with the correct personalization.

When the customer clicks into this design they are prompted to update the text on that template.  Once they update it, they can easily add to cart and checkout.


Another example would be the design below:


If someone was shopping your store and liked this design they need to update a couple things.  The photos and the personalized text ("The Anderson's").

When clicking into this template the customer is prompted to update the images and the personalized text.


With templates you can help inspire your customers with endless design ideas.  Since you as the storeowner can add your own fonts, patterns and clipart you can really add an infinite number of templates using your own art.

How do I add design templates?

Follow these steps to add templates to your store:

1. From the Design menu in the Customized administration screen click Create New Design
2. Follow the prompts and create your design.
3. You will now see your newly created design on the Designs page.

The design templates are created as Products in your Shopify store.  To view them click into the Products section of your Shopify Admin or click the product ID from the Designs page.

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes to sync to your store.

Feb 2, 2023

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