2. Adding Dropshipped Custom Products to Your Store

The products section within admin is where you will add/remove/edit customizable products for your Shopify store.

Setting the Prices

Before adding products to your store we recommend you set your pricing. To do so click the edit button on the product you want to edit. Here you can set the regular price of the product along with sale price (if applicable).

Review your profit margins

Before adding the product review your profit margin to ensure it meets your profit goals. The cost shown on this page is your cost to fulfill the item with shipping included.

Adding Products

To add products to your store simply turn the product On, this will enable the product within the customization tool and add the product to your Shopify store.

Removing Products

To remove products from your store simply turn the product OFF, this will disable the product within the customization tool and remove the product from your Shopify store.

Updating Prices

When you update your pricing you need to click the "Sync Products and Pricing" button to resync your Shopify store with your new pricing.

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