4. Fonts, Backgrounds, Clipart and Colors

Your customers will love the ability to add a variety of backgrounds, clipart and fonts to their custom product. You as the storeowner have complete control on the assets available to your customers.

There are 4 different asset types:

  1. Backgrounds and Patterns - Backgrounds are PNG or JPG images that can be used to fill a layout area for customer. Backgrounds colors are static but customer can adjust the scale. Patterns are SVG artwork that are similar to backgrounds, however, the colors of these objects can be changed by your customer on the fly.
  2. Cliparts - Cliparts are SVG files that have ability to change colors. An example, is an emoji or an object.
  3. Fonts - You have flexibility to add any number of text fonts for your customers to use on their product.
  4. Colors - The available colors and their names are defined using HEX codes. You can add and remove the colors available to your customers from the administration panel.

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