How do I move to multi-variant products?

If you are new to Customized, you have no further action. Your products will be multi-variant automatically.

For legacy users, follow the steps below to move to multi-variant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Performing these changes will change your URLs to products.  Please update your buttons, menu links, advertisements accordingly.

  1. Process open orders - if you have any open orders on Customized, approve those orders to prevent any product linking issues with your current orders.
  2. Delete Legacy Products
    1. From Shopify Admin, open Products
    2. Select More Filters option
    3. Filter by Product Type "Bare Product"
    4. Select All Products and from the More Actions menu click Delete Products
  3. Turn off All Products on Customized.
    1. From Customized Admin, open Products
    2. Select Product Categories where you have products enabled
    3. Bulk Select Products, Select Bulk Actions and "Disable in Customizer"
    4. Repeat until all products are Disabled (shown in Customizer Status column with a red switch)
  4. Turn on All products that you want to enable.
    1. From Customized Admin, open Products
    2. Select Products you want to enable and move "Customizer Status" to on (shown as green switch)
  5. That's it!  Your store will sync products within 10 minutes and you will now have multi-variant products on your store
  6. Update Buttons, Navigation Menus, Advertisement URL's as needed

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