Deep-linking to Product Categories & Products

You may want to send your customers directly to a specific group of products or to an exact product within the customization tool.  With deep-linking you can do that. Just follow the instructions below:

Linking Directly to a Product

To link directly into your customizer with a product already selected use the following link structure. ; where ShopifyProductID can be found from following instructions below.

To find the product ID locate the product in your Shopify store. To do this go to your Shopify Admin > Products.

Filter by Product Type IS Bare Product.

Now use search to find your product.  Click into the product. Locate the # located at end of URL.  This is your ShopifyProductID that can be used in the URL string.

Linking Directly to a Product Group

Use the following link structure: ; where is X is the number below.

  • Phone Cases = 1
    • Apple Phone Cases = 2
    • Samsung Phone Cases = 15
  • Drinkware = 33
  • Blanket = 35
  • Canvas = 36
  • Beach Towel = 37